Saturday, August 22, 2009

She Must Be in Denial!

In a world with social networking sites as a basis for a lot of our communication, it's sometimes hard to form "real" and "true" relationships right off the bat, and nor should or do you have to for that matter. However, people feel they can form true opinions of you from your "status updates". Granted, some of them speak volumes about some of us, however, there are those that people try to dig deeper into, and suddenly want to solicit advice and become your therapist. Sometimes, I REALLY do just want to sit in the dark and watch a sad movie because crying feels really good. Plus, I'm an actress and being emotional always stirs up other things and before you know it, I'm talking to myself in the mirror and putting on a dramatic scene. (Maybe they're not far off with this therapist idea). ;)

In any case, I'm "known" on some of these sites as being the "pick-me-up" girl or the "Love and Light" girl or the "smiley girl". My "real-life" friends know this about me. However, some believe that this is all a cover-up! A mask! A facade! A lie! (GASP) Do you know how many times I've heard that, or she's just covering up a bunch of issues, or she'll break down sooner than later. Guess what?!?

I do feel what you guys feel! I am human! Imagine that! But I have a few choices in my life, and one of them is the CHOICE to be positive. I still have flaws. I still deal with the same heartbreak, heartache, obstacles, stresses, etc that everyone else does. I just CHOOSE to not
put a spotlight on them. I CHOOSE to highlight the positive. To focus on all that is good in the world and in my life. I've learned how to handle a lot of the stuff that doesnt seem so great. I'm still learning. I'm learning how to just let it go and know that the "other side" is just waiting around the corner. So yes, I have had issues, I still have some. And yes, I have broken down before. But no, I'm NOT in denial. No, Im NOT oblivious to the world around me and some of the awful things that take place. I CHOOSE to sit in the light instead of the darkness. I'm already pale enough, I need a little sunshine in my life! I know there are a bunch of people sitting in the corner in the dark more than willing for me to join them. But I'm good. Thanks for the invite though.

All my Love AND Positivity,


"Being positive does not mean being accepting of the negative or
ignorant of the issues, or the world situation, or anything else. It
means seeing the grace in as much as you can see."

~ Sark

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