Thursday, December 31, 2009

I just woke up and breathed.
I know that sounds silly because if I hadn't, I'd probably be dead. ;)
I guess the better way to describe it is more of an exhale.

I usually wake up and lay for a minute, set my intentions for the day and then give gratitude for all that is.
This morning I woke up and just cried. I haven't really had a chance to reflect recently on the coming year for more then one reason. The main one being that I'm so busy in the present moment, that looking ahead almost seemed silly. I've learned to stay in the Now and try not to look forward or backwards because as my friend just recently shared with me "if you keep one foot in the past and one in the future, you're gonna constantly be pissing on yourself". lol. Its not exactly how I would word it, but you get the point. Another reason I haven't taken the time to think about the new year, is that the actual celebration of the new year has always been my favorite day of the year (besides my birthday) and this year I will be spending it working at the restaurant. I know, boo hiss bah humbug! Last night before I went to sleep, I took my own advice about life and instead of sulking in that thought like I've been doing for the last few weeks, I've decided to accept where I'm going to be, trust that I'm supposed to be there and even welcome the thought of celebrating with a lot of happy people enjoying themselves tonight. Who knows, maybe there will be a bottle of champagne sitting around somewhere for me to enjoy. ;)

Okay, back to my point. (One thing I've noticed this year, I still know how to ramble and ramble)
This morning I woke up and my whole year flashed before me. Not the details of every minute, but the path of lessons learned. I've decided 2009 is going to be entitled "LETTING GO". Phew. ((Btw, when do I use "entitled" or "titled"? I just spent the last 3 minutes going back and forth on that word. I'm settling on "entitled". Sounds smarter. ;)) Letting go. Even now as I write that, I can't help but exhale again. There is such FREEDOM in saying that and doing that. I've spent so many years trying to cover up, hide, control, hold on to...whether it's been me, or someone else, or a situation. To come to the realization or rather the KNOWINGNESS  to let go and just trust, has been the greatest lesson learned this year!

It has allowed me to start the journey of self acceptance. As a lot of you have shared many years with me, you know my body issues I've carried around with me. I've spent years being in a body I was obsessed with. Whether it was loving it at the moment or being disgusted by it. Either way, it was an obsession that took up every minute of everyday. I let it go. The true journey began earlier this year when I just decided to start posting full body shots online. I was tired of hiding and pretending that I was this perfect little "cropped" package. My body is still not in the "perfect" (if there is such a thing) little package, but IT IS WHAT IT IS and I'm learning to love it and accept it. I got tired of obsessing about it, thinking about it and ultimately being ashamed of it. I'm still working on it, but for the present moment, I'm not disgusted by it and honestly, that's a huge huge accomplishment for me. One that allows me to look at myself in the mirror and breathe. I even tell myself occasionally that I'm pretty damn sexy. (Hey, if we don't compliment ourselves, who will?)  :)

 Letting go has allowed me to trust in this crazy process we call life. It has allowed me to trust in the decisions that I make, the events that take place after that decision has been made, and to trust that even if things didn't go as *I* had hoped, that whatever is happening is exactly as it should be. Yes, even the events that "seemed" awful or unfair, I accepted them because I have learned that "that there is always a piece of fortune in misfortune".  Man you can't get more freeing than that! Letting go has allowed me to just breathe. I keep saying that because you can't imagine a more beautiful physical release then just exhaling when you have full trust that everything is as it should be. I guess you can see why that is one of  most amazing things I've experienced this year!

I also woke up and cried too. (Really Shari? Breathing hard and crying? I sound like a toddler having a tantrum.) I cried because I felt blessed. I have met the most amazing people this year its beyond comprehension! I have been surrounded by such love and beauty and kindness that it blows me away. For years I have spent giving of myself and this year I learned that it's okay to accept it too. And boy did I ever! I learned to love myself enough to know that I deserved it and it was okay to be loved. Now there is so much around me, I'm not sure how to navigate my way through it?!? lol. From meeting new people, to reconnecting with old friends, to strengthening old friendships and to finding new ones. I've been beyond blessed! I've learned this year what is truly important and that is Love! I've always known it inside, as I've always been led by it, but I've never fully swam in it. I was always on the outside looking in. This year, this moment, I'm immersed in it. I guess it's the reason I want to share so much of it! It's what we are made of and it's also what we forget most often. I don't want to spend one more day on this Earth searching for the external to make me happy. I know the joy resides internally and not one thing from the outside world will ever give me lasting happiness as those things are constantly in motion and change! If I relied on those things for happiness, then I will constantly be up and down with emotions. The one steady thing in life is the joy we can find in our own selves. Our heart, our love, our spirit. That shouldn't have to rely on any situation or any person to fulfill. Finding and discovering this secret, has allowed for all the other beautiful people and situations to enter my life.

Those are the reasons I blubbered like a child this morning. I'm beyond grateful for the accomplishments I've made this year and am continuing to make but it's not about the tangible "things" I'm getting or will be receiving, but rather the knowingness that I'm doing exactly what I should be doing and that I'm living each and every moment with full faith and love and that I'm sharing that with the world. I can't imagine a more beautiful place to reside in!

I can only imagine 2010 is going to be a continuation of all life lessons being learned. We never stop learning. The moment I think I've figured something out is the moment life presents another lesson. It's kind of exciting actually! This year is still going to be about the Now. About loving, living and breathing. Just BEing. There's a reason why we are called human BEings and not human DOings. It's okay to just exhale.

I will be exhaling with all my restaurant patrons and coworkers this evening. It might not be my "dream" New Year's, but I am confident it's exactly where I'm supposed to be so I might as well love it and embrace it and find a friggin bottle of champagne! :)

Wishing you all a year filled with Love, filled with Faith and filled with the wisdom to know that everything little thing is gonna be alright! (insert Bob Marley) :)

Happy 2010 friends and family!!!!

All MY Love,

Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009

Well today is the launch of my new site and I couldn't be more excited!!! It's been a long and winding and exciting road to get here, but here I am! It's funny how a simple thought about 6 months could manifest itself so quickly! I went from dreaming about wanting my own international tv talk show, to my friend suggesting I stop fantasizing and just make one on my own, to making a silly homemade episode (which I entitled Shari-ng With Shari) to then getting a radio talkshow co-host gig which I began a segment on there with the same title, to now developing my very own website! It only seems apropos that the TV talk show is right around the corner!  Don't think I don't know the exact date of Oprah Winfrey's retirement. ;)

It is with faith and love that I move forward confidently in the direction of my dreams! It is with great pleasure and joy that I watch my life unfold exactly as it should be! Even in those moments when things didn't exactly make "sense", I KNEW the universe/God was walking hand in hand with me and it was with that KNOWLEDGE that I kept my head up and my heart open and I just trusted! I have to tell you what a beautiful and peaceful feeling it is to just trust. 

A huge THANK YOU to all my friends and loved ones who have supported me everyday in my life from a simple word, advice or just even a hug; it is for you that this site it is dedicated! For those who I don't know, who have inspired me with kindness or just a simple smile, it is also for all of you that this site is dedicated to! 

I'm ready for the true adventure to begin! Who's coming along?!? I've got some serious work to do! I've got a world to smile upon!

Lots of Love!!!
Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

As in usual Shari form, I've slacked on updating my blog. But I do have a good excuse. I always do! ;) I just transitioned into a new job. Well, kinda new. Same company, but the upscale dining concept. Its only been 10 years in the making and I finally decided to follow through. It was a tough change for me, as my old job became very secure (not financially) and comfortable. Ten years is a long time to be in the same job. Especially in a restaurant type environment where the industry is known for swinging door employees. However, I've always been a loyal person and this was no different. But enough became enough. Even in bad economic times previously, I still hung on because I still enjoyed my job. As soon as I started feeling the heavy heart and things just never seeming to go my way, I knew it was time to move on. I'm not one to spend one day of my life in a situation where I'm unhappy. I did stay a bit longer than I should have. Mainly for my co-workers. They were my family. They still are. At the end of the day though, my family members aren't paying my bills. ;) Sucky family! lol. :) In any case, I've spent the last couple of weeks transitioning from the old job to the new and I'm happy to say I'm finally settled in the new one. Well, as settled as one can be making an hour long commute to work. I know! For a serving job. Crazy! However, I wanted to stay withing the company and that was the closest location hiring. Co-workers are great though! I'm definitely enjoying it and feeling good about it. Money is definitely better but still waiting for the windfall to come in. :)

Its funny though, every time I start anything new, I get super nervous about not knowing how to do my job. Although in the back of my mind, I know I honestly succeed at anything I really put my mind to. I dont know why I worry? I'm such a perfectionist in so many ways and I hate not knowing things backwards and forwards. Now I feel I'm learning. I'm definitely going to be running that place before I know it. ;) Actually, I'm going to take that back. I don't want to be running that place universe. I've got other things I'm going to be doing on this planet.

One of them which I'm really excited about is this movement I've been working on with Adriana. We are on week 3 of We Are What We Do Challenge/Movement. I posted prior about the project and we're still doing it. As a matter of fact, we'll be doing it for awhile. We just have to find a way to get it out there more. I truly believe in the subject matter and I know if more saw it, they would "get it" too. I think what's great about it for me and why I think more need to see it is because Adriana and I are the perfect team. She already is and has been doing a lot of the things on the list of actions to help save this planet and one another. I, on the other hand, don't know that much environmentally about what needs to be done. Actually, more accurately, I know some of it, but I just havent really taken the time or thought to actually follow through with it and see how simple it really is to make that small change. Honestly, ever since that week 1 where we changed from using plastic bags, I have to say how that "small" action has really overtaken my brain. I feel good about contributing to my part in helping this planet. It's something so small but so big when really thought about it. There have been times I have forgotten my "bag" and I've felt so guilty about using plastic that when I get to my car, Ive transferred my items and then brought the plastic bag back to the recycling bin. I think most of us are aware of what can be done, but we just might not think that individually we can make a major difference. But as we know and this movement/organization reminds us, lots of people x small actions = big change. In any case, Im really grateful to be part of this and really hope that more join us in this!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repost these videos and help us spread the word. Its not for any other reason except to help us and this planet.  Thanks. :)

Below is Action 2 and Action 3. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

 My very good friend Adriana approached me with this movement idea/project and I'm so ridiculously excited about doing my part in helping to spread the word! Considering I always have all these grand ideas of things I want to do to help the world and a lot of times they just remain that...ideas. I do what I can on my own small level of inner circle, but this really has such great potential to hit a lot of people. Many thanks and gratitude for Adriana being a woman of action! Please watch and repost! Thanks!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

She Must Be in Denial!

In a world with social networking sites as a basis for a lot of our communication, it's sometimes hard to form "real" and "true" relationships right off the bat, and nor should or do you have to for that matter. However, people feel they can form true opinions of you from your "status updates". Granted, some of them speak volumes about some of us, however, there are those that people try to dig deeper into, and suddenly want to solicit advice and become your therapist. Sometimes, I REALLY do just want to sit in the dark and watch a sad movie because crying feels really good. Plus, I'm an actress and being emotional always stirs up other things and before you know it, I'm talking to myself in the mirror and putting on a dramatic scene. (Maybe they're not far off with this therapist idea). ;)

In any case, I'm "known" on some of these sites as being the "pick-me-up" girl or the "Love and Light" girl or the "smiley girl". My "real-life" friends know this about me. However, some believe that this is all a cover-up! A mask! A facade! A lie! (GASP) Do you know how many times I've heard that, or she's just covering up a bunch of issues, or she'll break down sooner than later. Guess what?!?

I do feel what you guys feel! I am human! Imagine that! But I have a few choices in my life, and one of them is the CHOICE to be positive. I still have flaws. I still deal with the same heartbreak, heartache, obstacles, stresses, etc that everyone else does. I just CHOOSE to not
put a spotlight on them. I CHOOSE to highlight the positive. To focus on all that is good in the world and in my life. I've learned how to handle a lot of the stuff that doesnt seem so great. I'm still learning. I'm learning how to just let it go and know that the "other side" is just waiting around the corner. So yes, I have had issues, I still have some. And yes, I have broken down before. But no, I'm NOT in denial. No, Im NOT oblivious to the world around me and some of the awful things that take place. I CHOOSE to sit in the light instead of the darkness. I'm already pale enough, I need a little sunshine in my life! I know there are a bunch of people sitting in the corner in the dark more than willing for me to join them. But I'm good. Thanks for the invite though.

All my Love AND Positivity,


"Being positive does not mean being accepting of the negative or
ignorant of the issues, or the world situation, or anything else. It
means seeing the grace in as much as you can see."

~ Sark

Friday, August 21, 2009


I cant believe that I am even contemplating this relationship with the “dude”! Weirdest thing ever! Its crazy to think that I actually might have found someone that knows how to treat me and like a princess and queen that I am for that matter. And I don’t mean that in an all crazy and self absorbed way. But in all honesty, I will treat my man the same way. Well, like a king. Im not saying its going to be him. I mean, Ive never even met the guy. But the fact that it’s a possibiity. The fact that ive even gotten this close to even considering or even having someone treat me like this and find everything about me amazing; im blessed. I truly am. I guess it means that im evolving. I know, silly statement. We are all constantly evolving. But are we? Does one evolve if they are not aware of it? Does awareness, conscious awareness equal evolvement? Does one evolve even if they are unaware of it? Or is that the definition of evolvement? Awareness? (You’re asking a lot of good questions Shari. ;) Or perhaps just rambling as you normally do because you have no idea where you are going with this entry)

Focus Goldberg! Okay. So. Back to the “dude”. We ‘ve been speaking online for almost 2 years. And only in the last few months has it gotten to the point where we are speaking on the phone. Weve written on and off for years. Nothing too serious. Just checking in and photo comments etc. In all honesty, I just took it as another online “friendship” that wouldn’t go anywhere. I mean, I knew he found me attractive, as he never kept that a secret. But I had absolutely no interest in him physically. It's not that he is unattractive, but just not my "type". I know that might sound superficial, but it was what it was. We all have to be attracted on some level. Im not even really sure where it started to change? Actually, im not even sure it has yet. I mean, he’s coming out here in a few weeks to stay with me for 5 days and im not even sure how I feel! Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that part. Yes, its progressed. Rapidly. I mean, he knows how I feel. Ive told him numerous times that I don’t have the same feelings towards him. Oh right, he has professed his love for me. Yes. He actually said that. He has told me he is in love with me! I know. How is that possible? How can you be in love with someone that you’ve never seen in person?? Not that pictures and webcam conversations havent been brought into play (not dirty you pervs!), but I still believe one has to look into ones eyes in person and also that damn chemistry thing. Ugh chemistry. I cant tell you the thousands of times ive found someone super attractive physically and have felt absolutely NO chemistry with them and vice versa. Im banking on the chemistry with this one. Im really banking on it! I mean, he’s gonna be here in a few weeks!!! But honestly, beyond anything else, we’re going to have fun. He makes me laugh out loud. I read his texts (most of our communication) and I just giggle or heartily laugh or roll my eyes, or want to smack him or hug him or really anything for that matter. He stirs up emotions. But so can a dog, right? I know that sounds harsh. Lets go back a bit…

Ive never been treated the way I should have by a man. Not their fault. Mine. I accepted it. I invited it in my life. I take full responsibility for my bad relationships. Im done with that part of my life. That part never existed. Its all full steam ahead. Im ready for the love of a lifetime. Im ready for the love story that will go down in history as one of the greatest love stories of all time. Ive been prepped for this. Im ready.

Being “ready” though comes with some risks. Being “ready” means that when its time, you have no choice. You have to jump in when its there! The universe is always working along side you to conspire with you to give you what you need even sometimes when you think its not what you want. Its about being open and listening. My first instincts are to run right now. Do I fuck with this persons heart? Isnt soul mate love supposed to knock you over the head?!? Wasn’t I supposed to know “im going to marry this guy” the moment I met him? Isnt that how this works?? Maybe. For some. My life has never followed the “rules”. Ive always been one with a bit of twists and turns in my life which always makes for a much better story. I mean, my ex fiance, I didn’t know I was in love with him until I almost lost him. I think I’ve “evolved” since then. I don’t think I need to go to that extreme to figure this out. Im always so afraid of hurting someone. Ive been afraid of hurting him. I tried chasing him away already, but he wont leave! Ive been ridiculously honest with him, (minus the maybe not being physically attracted part) ive told him that I don’t have the same feelings. He says he’s not giving up. So maybe I owe us the chance. Anything that does or doesn’t happen, that’s on each of us individually. If he is willing to throw himself into something and take the risk, that’s on him if he gets hurt. I have to say though, that is definitely something that makes him a lot more attractive. His persistance. He just goes head on into something and that to me is something I do too. I risk. I like that. The only way to gain anything in life is to risk. You will never know true happiness if you never take that leap into it. Sometimes it pays off, and other times it doesn’t. But sometimes it does. That’s the important part.

Oh boy. What am I doing? Lol. I guess what I can CONFIDENTLY say is that im there. ive arrived. Im ready to stop running from goodness. Its been a long time since ive trusted like this. It feels amazing. Not a doubt in my mind how he feels about me. That is a major exhale. But he deserves someone that feels the same way. I don’t want to like someone because they like me. I cant live my life like that. I believe too much in love to ever settle for that. I know that’s not truly a concern though. I will never allow that for myself or for him.

I sometimes wonder though, (my silly inner voices/insecurities), does he really like ME, or is this some insecure thing on his part that allows him to just like anyone because he wants love so badly? Then I wonder, does it matter? The point is, he loves you. Does it matter where it stems from? Of course it does. When one gets healthy, or evolves, one figures out there life and eventually gets it “together”. Although even if he does, who’s to say im still not perfect enough in his eyes? ;) Duh! Hello! Enough of this.

Moving on!
Career. Hmm. Ouch. Ugh.
35 years old as of a few weeks ago. Age has never really affected me. This one did. I think its because its actually my MID 30’s. Halfway to 40! 40!!!! I guess that wouldn’t matter so much in my head if I was at the point career and love wise I “expected” to be. But we all know about expectations, don’t we? (I wish I had a funny quip to write right now like we say about assuming but alas, I don’t). but yeah, expectations are never lived up to. Nor should they be. Every experience is unique within itself and expecting your human mind to grasp the outcome or what you’re going to feel just takes away from its magic. Life is magical, but that’s another blog for another time. But 35. The other day I was filling out a survey for a free drink from starbucks and it asked me my age category. For the first time, I got a bit nauseous. Prior I was in the 18-34 range and suddenly I had to check the box below. 35-49. That hit me. Hard. Frigggin starbucks. Thanks for throwing my week into a tissy!

Damn. I ramble. A lot. Not sure if its my brain or this caffeine or a bit of both? I want to blog this blog but in all honesty, im not sure if the “dude” reads my stuff? Do I want to put all this out there about him? Part of me feels that the guy I would settle down with, would read and see and watch everything I do. So yes, I do expect him to read this. At the same time, I don’t think he reads a lot. Not that he is dumb, lol, but just not an avid reader. But truth is truth. If I cant put my heart out there, then I shouldn’t be writing period.

Im sitting at starbucks (the tissy causer) writing this and im watching this woman in her mid-late 40’s playing with her iphone. Not sure why its intriguing me right now. Maybe because I know she just got it as she is obsessed with it, but also im watching her play with the camera and I just keep expecting her to smile for it. But shari, shes not you. She’s not taking self portraits. She’s actually taking pictures of other people. Im blaming the “dude” for this latest obsession with self portraits. (Sure Shari, you’ve never liked yourself enough to take a pic in the mirror without goading) He’s always asking for pictures of me everyday. In my work clothes, in my normal clothes, going out, going to bed, waking up. Ive never met anyone who wants to see me at all times. Weird. Im back to writing about him again.

Okay. Im done. My legs are asleep, my coffee is nearing the bottom and well, ive seen enough hot men that I have no chance with (gay) for the day. Plus, im really thinking about going home and getting online and pubishing this. If it makes it, you know ive decided to be brave and put it all out there. I mean, if you are reading this “dude”, you might as well know it all. The truth. You deserve it. And for the record, I do believe this could turn into the love story of all love stories. Or not. Guess will find out soon…

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's funny, you never know when an Angel can appear. And I'm not talking about halos and wings and fluffy stuff, although that would be cool to see! I'm talking about regular ol' people who for no other reason that I cant explain, make an impact on your day.

Yesterday, I was feeling kinda down about the car situation, but mainly about having to cancel my vacation. After my last car experience, I had learned a really great lesson about just trusting in the universe and the bigger picture. Well, this time around, I didnt freak out. I'm not going to lie and say that I was honky dory (sp?), but I was a lot calmer and wasnt playing victim. The only thing that really stressed me out if I'm going to be honest, was the fact that I had to bring other people into my dilemma. Having to worry about finding a ride, borrowing money, and even today, having to try to find a ride to pick up the car. So yes, I can handle stressful situations much better these days when it directly involves ME, but when I have to inconvenience others, it's a little more difficult.

Angels, Shari! Yes. Okay. Sooooo, I was at work last night, which was a bit hectic. St. Patty's day and just kinda short handed. I was alright with that because I needed money, but there was a point when I looked around and I had 3 parties of 6 people, and 4 other tables, where I thought, "I'm not sure I can do this". I just wanted to get on top of a table and tell everyone to write their orders down on paper and then give me a big fat tip! Somehow, I wasnt thinking that would go over very well. So I dealt with insanity for awhile, and some of my tips reflected that unfortunately. Luckily I was so busy, I couldnt really think about the fact that in 2 days I wouldnt be heading to NYC (my favorite city in the world) because of dumb car money issues. So that was good. Until of course my regulars showed up and started asking if I was excited for my trip?!? I explained to them the situation, and in their regular sarcastic fashion, the whole meal was about me getting them stuff so I could "earn my money to be able to pay for my car". Yes, they said that! But, it's their personality. The funny part was, with the way they tip, I can't even "earn" enough money for a gallon of gas for my car. But I smiled and laughed and did my job the way I'm supposed to.

Needless to say, this was a long, rough night. But it was winding down. Ever since the economy has taken a hit, the restaurant now closes at 930 instead of 10pm. So it was about 925 and Shari was feeling happy that the night was almost over. I was doing all my cleaning work and trying to get out of there because I had to fill the car I was borrowing with gas (one of my bribes for taking the car), then return the car and then get a ride home. I wasn't trying to make anyone wait for me any longer then they had to. But alas, in good ol' Shari world, 2 guests came in the door at 9:26. Yay! The kitchen had pretty much wrapped up everything, putting their knives away and almost walking out the door. I wanted to be irritated with these people, but they wanted to eat just like everyone else. Plus, who closes at 9:30 really? I gave them the full on great Shari service treatment and that was that. They actually were really respectful and paid quickly (as some people sit around KNOWING that the restaurant is closed and you are wanting to leave just as much as they would from their jobs) and even went as far as to thank me and for me to thank the kitchen for accomodating them. I of course told them "that it was our pleasure and to not even worry about it". They were out the door by 9:55 and that was having 3 courses! All during this time, I was finished up my cleaning work and checkout. So really, they werent a hassle at all. I was counting my money at the time, thinking about how crappy my tips were and how I still needed 20 bucks to go get gas for the car I volunteered to fill up (not knowing of course it would basically be on EMPTY). ;) Wow. I really wasnt going to make much. The woman was standing near the bar waiting for her husband, brother, lover, whomever he was, and I went and got the credit card slip so I can do my final closing procedures. Well, there it was, the 20 dollars. There check was only about 60, so that was a great tip! But even more than that, it just made me smile. If they hadnt come in, I'd be digging around for that money for gas. But instead, I decided to think of it as extra money. I almost wouldnt have had it. So i chose not to even think about it as work money, but as a bonus. :) I went over to the woman, and I thanked her very much for her generosity. I told her I had a not so great day, and she said "Oh, come here" and gave me a hug! I'm so one who believes in human contact and when she hugged me, man, I just wanted to cry on her shoulder. But I thought that might be a little wierd. So I just hugged back. And she talked to me a bit about her day and so it seemed, we both really needed a hug. She also told me that they rarely go out to eat, but for some reason they decided that last night they would come to my place. (We had corned beef and cabbage special). She said she was really glad she came. So was I.

I went and filled up the tank with my BONUS "earnings", returned the car and got home safely.

I watched some American Idol, I thought about my angel and I drifted peacefully off into dreamland.

I just wanted to thank the woman, whom though I didnt visibly see her wings, I know they were there.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ebb & Flow of Life (My lesson learned today)

So there I was hiking, smiling, singing, enjoying the beautiful brisk air AND sun (perfect outside) and thinking about how everything in my life is finally just flowing and coming together. That then led to thoughts of how maybe after all these years, some of the good things I've done in my life are actually coming around and Karma is finally on my side. I started thinking, "Damn, its about time. Good for me".

The next thing I know, I punched a poodle in the nose.

Yes, Im serious. A poodle! One of those big poodles. Walked right into my fist I had swinging to help tone these giant arms of mine.

Yup. Back to square one. I wonder how I'm going to pay for this one? ;)

Never take yourself too seriously or think you're deserving of anything. Life will laugh right at you. :)