Saturday, September 12, 2009

As in usual Shari form, I've slacked on updating my blog. But I do have a good excuse. I always do! ;) I just transitioned into a new job. Well, kinda new. Same company, but the upscale dining concept. Its only been 10 years in the making and I finally decided to follow through. It was a tough change for me, as my old job became very secure (not financially) and comfortable. Ten years is a long time to be in the same job. Especially in a restaurant type environment where the industry is known for swinging door employees. However, I've always been a loyal person and this was no different. But enough became enough. Even in bad economic times previously, I still hung on because I still enjoyed my job. As soon as I started feeling the heavy heart and things just never seeming to go my way, I knew it was time to move on. I'm not one to spend one day of my life in a situation where I'm unhappy. I did stay a bit longer than I should have. Mainly for my co-workers. They were my family. They still are. At the end of the day though, my family members aren't paying my bills. ;) Sucky family! lol. :) In any case, I've spent the last couple of weeks transitioning from the old job to the new and I'm happy to say I'm finally settled in the new one. Well, as settled as one can be making an hour long commute to work. I know! For a serving job. Crazy! However, I wanted to stay withing the company and that was the closest location hiring. Co-workers are great though! I'm definitely enjoying it and feeling good about it. Money is definitely better but still waiting for the windfall to come in. :)

Its funny though, every time I start anything new, I get super nervous about not knowing how to do my job. Although in the back of my mind, I know I honestly succeed at anything I really put my mind to. I dont know why I worry? I'm such a perfectionist in so many ways and I hate not knowing things backwards and forwards. Now I feel I'm learning. I'm definitely going to be running that place before I know it. ;) Actually, I'm going to take that back. I don't want to be running that place universe. I've got other things I'm going to be doing on this planet.

One of them which I'm really excited about is this movement I've been working on with Adriana. We are on week 3 of We Are What We Do Challenge/Movement. I posted prior about the project and we're still doing it. As a matter of fact, we'll be doing it for awhile. We just have to find a way to get it out there more. I truly believe in the subject matter and I know if more saw it, they would "get it" too. I think what's great about it for me and why I think more need to see it is because Adriana and I are the perfect team. She already is and has been doing a lot of the things on the list of actions to help save this planet and one another. I, on the other hand, don't know that much environmentally about what needs to be done. Actually, more accurately, I know some of it, but I just havent really taken the time or thought to actually follow through with it and see how simple it really is to make that small change. Honestly, ever since that week 1 where we changed from using plastic bags, I have to say how that "small" action has really overtaken my brain. I feel good about contributing to my part in helping this planet. It's something so small but so big when really thought about it. There have been times I have forgotten my "bag" and I've felt so guilty about using plastic that when I get to my car, Ive transferred my items and then brought the plastic bag back to the recycling bin. I think most of us are aware of what can be done, but we just might not think that individually we can make a major difference. But as we know and this movement/organization reminds us, lots of people x small actions = big change. In any case, Im really grateful to be part of this and really hope that more join us in this!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repost these videos and help us spread the word. Its not for any other reason except to help us and this planet.  Thanks. :)

Below is Action 2 and Action 3. Enjoy!

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