Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's funny, you never know when an Angel can appear. And I'm not talking about halos and wings and fluffy stuff, although that would be cool to see! I'm talking about regular ol' people who for no other reason that I cant explain, make an impact on your day.

Yesterday, I was feeling kinda down about the car situation, but mainly about having to cancel my vacation. After my last car experience, I had learned a really great lesson about just trusting in the universe and the bigger picture. Well, this time around, I didnt freak out. I'm not going to lie and say that I was honky dory (sp?), but I was a lot calmer and wasnt playing victim. The only thing that really stressed me out if I'm going to be honest, was the fact that I had to bring other people into my dilemma. Having to worry about finding a ride, borrowing money, and even today, having to try to find a ride to pick up the car. So yes, I can handle stressful situations much better these days when it directly involves ME, but when I have to inconvenience others, it's a little more difficult.

Angels, Shari! Yes. Okay. Sooooo, I was at work last night, which was a bit hectic. St. Patty's day and just kinda short handed. I was alright with that because I needed money, but there was a point when I looked around and I had 3 parties of 6 people, and 4 other tables, where I thought, "I'm not sure I can do this". I just wanted to get on top of a table and tell everyone to write their orders down on paper and then give me a big fat tip! Somehow, I wasnt thinking that would go over very well. So I dealt with insanity for awhile, and some of my tips reflected that unfortunately. Luckily I was so busy, I couldnt really think about the fact that in 2 days I wouldnt be heading to NYC (my favorite city in the world) because of dumb car money issues. So that was good. Until of course my regulars showed up and started asking if I was excited for my trip?!? I explained to them the situation, and in their regular sarcastic fashion, the whole meal was about me getting them stuff so I could "earn my money to be able to pay for my car". Yes, they said that! But, it's their personality. The funny part was, with the way they tip, I can't even "earn" enough money for a gallon of gas for my car. But I smiled and laughed and did my job the way I'm supposed to.

Needless to say, this was a long, rough night. But it was winding down. Ever since the economy has taken a hit, the restaurant now closes at 930 instead of 10pm. So it was about 925 and Shari was feeling happy that the night was almost over. I was doing all my cleaning work and trying to get out of there because I had to fill the car I was borrowing with gas (one of my bribes for taking the car), then return the car and then get a ride home. I wasn't trying to make anyone wait for me any longer then they had to. But alas, in good ol' Shari world, 2 guests came in the door at 9:26. Yay! The kitchen had pretty much wrapped up everything, putting their knives away and almost walking out the door. I wanted to be irritated with these people, but they wanted to eat just like everyone else. Plus, who closes at 9:30 really? I gave them the full on great Shari service treatment and that was that. They actually were really respectful and paid quickly (as some people sit around KNOWING that the restaurant is closed and you are wanting to leave just as much as they would from their jobs) and even went as far as to thank me and for me to thank the kitchen for accomodating them. I of course told them "that it was our pleasure and to not even worry about it". They were out the door by 9:55 and that was having 3 courses! All during this time, I was finished up my cleaning work and checkout. So really, they werent a hassle at all. I was counting my money at the time, thinking about how crappy my tips were and how I still needed 20 bucks to go get gas for the car I volunteered to fill up (not knowing of course it would basically be on EMPTY). ;) Wow. I really wasnt going to make much. The woman was standing near the bar waiting for her husband, brother, lover, whomever he was, and I went and got the credit card slip so I can do my final closing procedures. Well, there it was, the 20 dollars. There check was only about 60, so that was a great tip! But even more than that, it just made me smile. If they hadnt come in, I'd be digging around for that money for gas. But instead, I decided to think of it as extra money. I almost wouldnt have had it. So i chose not to even think about it as work money, but as a bonus. :) I went over to the woman, and I thanked her very much for her generosity. I told her I had a not so great day, and she said "Oh, come here" and gave me a hug! I'm so one who believes in human contact and when she hugged me, man, I just wanted to cry on her shoulder. But I thought that might be a little wierd. So I just hugged back. And she talked to me a bit about her day and so it seemed, we both really needed a hug. She also told me that they rarely go out to eat, but for some reason they decided that last night they would come to my place. (We had corned beef and cabbage special). She said she was really glad she came. So was I.

I went and filled up the tank with my BONUS "earnings", returned the car and got home safely.

I watched some American Idol, I thought about my angel and I drifted peacefully off into dreamland.

I just wanted to thank the woman, whom though I didnt visibly see her wings, I know they were there.

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