Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ebb & Flow of Life (My lesson learned today)

So there I was hiking, smiling, singing, enjoying the beautiful brisk air AND sun (perfect outside) and thinking about how everything in my life is finally just flowing and coming together. That then led to thoughts of how maybe after all these years, some of the good things I've done in my life are actually coming around and Karma is finally on my side. I started thinking, "Damn, its about time. Good for me".

The next thing I know, I punched a poodle in the nose.

Yes, Im serious. A poodle! One of those big poodles. Walked right into my fist I had swinging to help tone these giant arms of mine.

Yup. Back to square one. I wonder how I'm going to pay for this one? ;)

Never take yourself too seriously or think you're deserving of anything. Life will laugh right at you. :)

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