Sunday, August 10, 2008

Still A Dreamer

I remember my grandfather my whole life telling me "to get my head out of the clouds" and "to be realistic". Well today, I realized more than ever, how proud I am that my head is in the clouds. That I do dream, that my hopes are high and that at the end of the day, I can still believe in anything.

I just went and saw the movie American Teen, and as I am sitting there watching these 18 year old kids getting ready to "start their lives", making college decisions, trying to break free from their parents shadows and form their own identities outside of the "clique" they belonged to in high school, it got me thinking... (yup, here we go) ;)

I remember sitting at my high school graduation and listening to the valedictorian speaking about all the possibilities that layed before us. The world was our oyster, we can go do and be anything we want, we can create or recreate ourselves, etc...I remember sitting there and being so excited for my future. I was ready to get out there and change the world! I was ready to conquer, love, LIVE and just be. Well, I sat there in the theater today with a smiling heart. I realized, at 34 years old, I still believe the same thing. I still am that dreamer, that idealist that my grandfather spoke of. And I am sooo happy and proud that I can still look at the world and see all the possibilities that lay before me. Someone recently told me, actually a couple of nights ago, that I need to stop being so blind and get my head out from under a rock and see the world for what it really is. Then he went on to tell me that "not everyone thinks like I do" and all I could think was, "oh, that's too bad".

Keep dreaming and believing! You can be anything you want!

Look at me, I'm a cheeseball. Who ever thought someone could be dairy? See? Anything is possible!

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