Saturday, November 25, 2006

When we were kids, our parents used to entrust us with our friends parents at sleepovers, with the neighbors when they needed to run some errands, and with our teachers, coaches and religious leaders when they would send us off to school or other activities. This has all since changed. We no longer deem adult/child relationships/friendships as appropriate. We somehow perceive them as unhealthy and morally wrong. When did developing and forming these relationships with children become an unacceptable thing? When we realized that their are people out there who do not have our children's best interest in mind and take advantage of our little ones. What we have lost in the process by cutting off and making these bonds unacceptable and looked down upon, is the guidance and protection and security that these children so badly desire and need. By us taking back our influence as role models for fear of how it might be misunderstood, we have in effect, opened the doors to these predators and escorted them ourselves into our childrens lives. They then have the opportunity to provide a false sense of love, attention, security, protection and guidance that our children so deeply need and crave. We need to step back up and take back our rightful places as role models and protectors for our children knowing that if our intentions are honorable, they will be perceived as honorable. Let us stop living a fear-based existence and do what needs to be done and take back our responsibility as adults and leaders and caregivers and give our children what they so truly require and that is US. Let us not leave our children open and vulnerable to the bad seeds out there because they feel that they have no one else to turn to. Whether you have children or not, take on the role of a mentor, role model, guardian and not worry that society will look at it as if there is something wrong with the relationship between child and adult. Let us re-establish ourselves in our childrens lives once again. It is our duty. They deserve it!

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