Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So a couple of months ago I posted a blog talking about how my therapist said that I need to get more specific in the type of guy I want to have a future relationship with. The only thing I came up with was someone that had a "Y" chromosome. Well, needless to say, I have met a lot of those. So specificity (word?) is what I am assuming would probably be easier for the universe to bring to me. So, badumbabum (that's my drum roll)... what I have figured out so far is that I want to spend my time with someone who when the sun rises has a smile on their face and an excitement to start the day...(with me of course).

Somebody witty, creative, funny ,silly, SINGLE, loyal, committed, goofy, intelligent, motivated, SINGLE, driven, passionate, romantic, treats me like I am a princess,SINGLE, loves to travel, loves to talk a lot...but knows when I need to talk too.(which is a lot).

Basically, somebody who is grateful for each and everyday we have here and looks forward to right now.
There. Thank you for your time. In the meanwhile, I am having a relationship right now with myself and I must say that I am a pretty damn good catch.

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