Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As the days pass from the earthquake tragedy in Haiti on January 12, we all start to go about our normal lives. Unfortunately, there is no normalcy for the Haitians who are picking up the pieces of their lives and honestly, literally their deceased loved ones. Parentless children are roaming the streets in search of their parents. Orphans who had no parents already are now faced with the loss of their orphanges as well as a lot of the orphan workers they looked to for protection. What I'm trying to say is that although the time passes here and a lot of us forget, they are still living in fear of more aftershocks as well as what they are going to eat and where they are going to sleep.

Next month, I have the absolute privilege of going down there for a few days to help rebuild an orphanage as well as spend time with them and give out food, supplies and basically anything they need. My main goal is to spend time with these children and be able to laugh with them, hug them and just let them know that there are people who do care about them and want to help. People who haven't abandoned them. People who no matter where they live on this planet know that there is no difference between them and us except our geographical location. This is my purpose for going down there. These children shouldn't have the worries that adults have. They should be able to go about their daily lives and enjoy their childhoods the way we did. I am so grateful and beyond blessed to be able to share this with them. If nothing more than just a smile and a hug.

So what do you have to do with this? Well hopefully, a lot. I am traveling with a group of about 120 people and we have the access to the WHOLE underbelly of a boeing 737 plane from Miami to Haiti. We have been given access to fill up the whole thing with supplies! I know so many of you have given already of your wallets and your love and they appreciate it and so do I! We all know that the money is going to good places but we never know exactly where it's going. This is where I come in. :)

So much is still needed over there from medications to food to even just letters to these people. I have a Miami address that if you want to set up a drive with your friends, family and coworkers, you can ship this to this address and I will PERSONALLY hand out your items to everyone who needs it! I will hand deliver your letters, coloring books, toys, money....

I have over 500 friends on Facebook, and if I can get each person to contribute $1.00, I can raise funds to be able to buy them food, water, basic necessities that are needed and that I will see are needed once I am down there. If you are interested in contributing that $1.00, I have a paypal account that you can donate that to and I will show where every dollar is spent. If you don't feel comfortable with that, you can start your own fundraising and you can write the check out to the non-profit organization that I am traveling with so you can get the proper tax papers. If you do not have the money (as I know times are hard for us all), even a simple letter or a bottle of water or some q-tips or anything will be appreciated!

I have never done anything like this before in my life and I know I will come back a different woman. Our lives will continue on as they should, but I hope that you remember that their lives, could be ours at any moment and it is with that thought, that you help me show them that they aren't alone. Our hearts have no borders. ONE Love!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Love & Peace

Shari Alyse

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