Wednesday, January 13, 2010

 A New Beginning

I've said for a long time now how within each of us, no matter our backgrounds, our pasts, our hurts, our mistrust, our experiences, deep down in our cores, we are good people! I've known this, I promote this, I BELIEVE this and I will spend my last breath reminding one another of this! I don't care what's happened in our own personal lives that might be burying this part of us, but it's there. It's always taken devastation in one form or another, from 9/11 to natural disasters, for our humanity to show itself. It is with that thought, that I make this plea. How many more disasters do we have to endure, before we realize how truly connected we are and how we all share the same bloodline? We are ALL human beings no matter how color or race or religion! I know this all sounds so idealistic to some or cliche, but if I wasn't proven right time and time again when I watch us as a human race come together to help others, then I would keep my mouth shut.

What has happened in Haiti is devastating! There are no words that can describe the heaviness in my heart for all those who have perished and for all of their families. I can only send my prayers and Love to each and every one! Through all this darkness though, there is light. There always is! This will be a new beginning for Haiti. As being one of the poorest countries in the world, they will now be afforded new hospitals, new schools, new homes, new businesses...

 We may never understand the reason for such catastrophes such as these, but we can choose to focus some light on even the darkest of circumstances. None of this will bring back the ones who were lost, but their lives will not be in vain, for it is with their sacrifice that change will take place in that country!

Beyond Haiti, my wish is that it will not take any more tragedies like this one, to make us remember how truly loving and good we all are! Let us not have to endure anything of this magnitude to bring out our inherent  beauty! I know that the mundane parts of our lives catch up with us and we find ourselves complaining about the guy cutting us off in traffic, or the slow cashier at the store when we are in a rush, or even the guy or girl that is not returning our affection. We need to remember what it is that we do have! It shouldn't only take disasters or holidays to remind us of what we are grateful for or how small our problems really are. We need to be thankful every single day of our lives for simply our breath alone when we awake in the morning. We need to be grateful for the ability to see with our eyes the beauty in one another. We need to be grateful for the ability to hear the birds or the laughter of children. We need to be grateful for the ability to smell the ocean air or some yummy smelling bacon coming out of your neighbors house. We need to be grateful for the ability to sleep in a warm bed, to be able to put on a jacket when we complain about how cold it is when others are sleeping on the street. We need to not only remember this stuff at extreme times, but during every single moment of our lives.

I love you all and it is with this LOVE, that I beseech you to take stock of what you have, to remember that a smile at a stranger can really change someone's day (I see it happen every single day), that speaking honest words to one another is probably the most beautiful gift you can give someone, that being more patient with someone will allow them the opportunity to learn what it is that they are supposed to learn, that by living your truth, you allow others to live in theirs.

Please send your love and thoughts and any aid you can to the people of Haiti. Our people. Our brothers and sisters. Please tell everyone in your life what they mean to you and please try to make an effort to remember all of this even when the news quiets down after this.

With all the Love and Hope that's within me...this is my wish!

I Love you all and believe in us all!!!

Shari Alyse

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