Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Good morning world! (I'm not sure who is reading this but I'm sure someone in the "world" is.) :)
So yesterday was one week that my website went LIVE! I have to say that I am pretty damn proud of myself. I know though to some, it's just a "website" and everyone and their mothers have one, for me, it's something big! Mainly because it's a project I took on myself. I had some help from a few very dear and close people in my life, but it's still something I committed to and worked on everyday for a few weeks. It's something I devoted all of my time and energy to and it's something I created and am proud of. What I'm trying to not so clearly (its early) say is, we can do anything we set our minds to! Again, a cliche that gets used over and over again, but one that's obviously there for a reason. Never in a million years would I think that I would be learning how to design something like that or working on converting files or figuring out meta tags and SEO's and all that jargon even now I'm not sure still means...but I did it! What makes the success even sweeter, is the fact that it's doing what I had hoped it would do and that's bringing smiles to people's faces. I've been getting lots of mail and feedback on it and I'm so grateful that the  site encompasses who I am and I was able to express that in the design. HUGE plans are in the works for the official release of this site and that is something that I can't wait to do and share with the world! I'm putting my energy into that these days and can't wait for that to manifest itself when it will. ;)

On another note, one of my Facebook friends yesterday had commented on one of my status updates and had mentioned that he started feeling the same way and wrote about it in his one of his "notes" on there. So I went over to his profile page and started looking for that particular note he wrote about it and stumbled upon his latest one about "Recapping 2009". I have to tell you that I was blown away. He proceeded to write about a woman that he had never actually met but had changed his life in a significant manner. I'm not going to paraphrase, so I will just quote some of what he wrote.

..."Normally I look at these two issues as part of all the crap that we all go through all year long and literally thank God for a new year starting, but because a friend that was on the internet radio (and soon taking over Oprah), I’ve decided to look at the bigger picture, the part that asks, “What have you learned?”

"Finally, a gal that used to be on an internet radio show. The first time I heard her, I laughed my ass off, seriously! From the start, she was very anti PC, as in, she speaks how she truly is, and if you agree or laugh, then good for you. If you don’t get it or get mad, then turn it off and take care! I’ve never actually met her personally, but we’ve talked on the air and have been sent emails back to each other. She has the best attitude, not overly positive, but the fact that she makes a person want to change their attitude. I’m usually hard headed, but this something I’m am actively doing now."

In case you haven't figured it out, he was speaking about me. I have to tell you that when I stumbled upon this, the biggest smile came over my face and my heart did somersaults and leaps! THIS is the reason why I do what I do! This is the reason I want to be in the public eye! If I can inspire one person in any way that helps their lives, I have done my work. I wasn't going out of my way for this particular guy and trying to change his world, I was just being the example I speak about. About Love, Hope, Positivity, and Faith. He was a regular listener on my radio show and he called in a couple of times and also emailed me privately and it moves me to no end to know that some of what I said has helped him. What a beautiful way to start this new year! One for me that I take as a sign that I should continue what I'm doing. He wrote me yesterday and told me that he hopes to one day return the favor. I told him he already had. He laughed at me and said "no, seriously" and I was serious. Hearing that I had helped him in some small way is the best gift I could ever ask for.

It is with that that I will keep moving forward with my intentions on changing this world in the only way I know how. Being me. We all can do that. By living our truth and walking in our own beautiful God given light, we all can make a difference. I'm not any different than any of you out there, I'm just someone who is aware of what I can do and I refuse to spend one day on this planet not sharing it with others. I will continue to work on my SHARIng with SHARI website and I will continue to believe that all things are possible and I will continue to not allow the idea of "changing the world" to overwhelm me. One small step at a time.

For now though, until that talk show and tv sitcom comes a'knockin at my door, I gotta take my booty to the bank so while I'm busy trying to love and change the world, I actually have a roof over my head. :)
Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES lay before you! What are you going to do TODAY to get started?

All my Love,

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